Sno-Isle Genealogical Society

Genealogy Activities for Your Family

  1. Share your favorite childhood foods. Prepare a recipe your mother or grandmother usedto make and explain where it come from and why it is one of your favorites.
  1. Share photographs of your ancestors with your children and grandchildren, particularly photos that show YOU as a child. Identify older people in the photographs and give their relationship to you.
  1. On a map of the United States, put a sticker (or push pin) on each town, county or state where your ancestors lived. Save this activity using a WORLD map for later.
  1. Research a game that was popular when a given ancestor was young (Buck-Buck, is a game your Grampa Bob played when he was a kid in Holyoke in the 1940s.")
  1. Public libraries offer travel videos - borrow one that tells about an ancestor's homeland. If you're really lucky, you have Ancestral Roots in Prince Edward Island - obviously, you and your kids will enjoy "Anne of Green Gables"!
  1. Make a family tree using photographs. Young children should be able to find physical characteristics that appear from generation to generation. This "Photo Tree" might make an interesting jig-saw puzzle, too.
  1. It's never too early for kids to start to keep a journal in which they can write down their daily activities, thoughts and ideas as well as their observations on the world around them.
  1. Take a "genealogy vacation". Have your children or grandchildren help you with the planning. Retrace the migration route of your ancestors; travel to the towns and homes where they lived. Take a day trip to visit places where YOU lived as a child, or where you attended school.
  1. With your children or grandchildren, leam one of your ancestral languages - even if it's just a few everyday phrases!! Books and tapes are available at your local public library.
  1. Encourage your children or grandchildren to plant a small vegetable garden. With your help, they can grow some of their own food, just as their ancestors did.
  1. Buy a beginning genealogy book written especially for kids, and share it with your children or grandchildren..
  1. With your children or grandchildren, read an historical novel written for kids set in the time of your ancestors. "Little House on the Prairie and the "American Girl" series are a good starting point.
  1. Watch for historical reenactments in your area; the/re a great way to leam about history..
  1. Visit Heritage Museums and historic buildings in your area. These give your kids a chance to see "real stuff" from Olden Days" (even if their ancestors didn't live in the area).
Copyright 2006 by Margaret V. Reid